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For 3 Sites
Drag & Drop register form builder
Emails editor
Admin dashboard restriction
Social logins
User verification
License valid for 1 year


For 10 Sites
Drag & Drop register form builder
Emails editor
Admin dashboard restriction
Social logins
User verification
License valid for 2 years
Best Deal


For 20 Sites
Drag & Drop register form builder
Emails editor
Admin dashboard restriction
Social logins
User verification
Lifetime license

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try StranoWeb Ajax Login before buying it?

Yes, we provide a free version with limited possibilities which we encourage you to try before purchasing StranoWeb Ajax Login Premium. You can download it from WordPress plugin repository.

Will StranoWeb Ajax Login still work when the license key expires?

Yes, it will be fully working on the frontend, it will have limitations on backend options management. You can buy anytime a new license key directly from this website.

What payment methods do you accept for Pricing?

You can use PayPal or any credit card to pay for StranoWeb Ajax Login Premium.

Can I transfer the StranoWeb Ajax Login license key from one website to another?

Yes you can. Just deactivate the license key from a website and activate it on the new one.

I bought StranoWeb Ajax Login but I don't want to use it anymore, can I get a refund?

There is no “trial” or “grace period” after purchasing our plugin which means the sale is final. Once you have our software, you can not “return” the product. For this reason we highly recommend to try our free version before buying the Premium version.

Do you offer support?

Yes of course. If you are having problems using StranoWeb Ajax Login you can contact us by using the contact form or by using our messenger chat. For any bug or feature request we use GitHub issues

What users say about StranoWeb Ajax Login

  • This is the really working thing!

    I have tried about 20 plugings till I found this one.
    The key features:
    1.Speed – it is really fast loading.
    2.Functionality – it has every thing for login/register/reset password and their redirections – everything works very well!
    3.Appearance – it’s perfectly built with serios and nice design, as additive it is quite adjustable.
    Conclusion: if you need registration, login, reset password, account pages and redirections – that is it!


    Great Plugin

    Very nice plugin with professional and clean layouts for login, register, and lost password pages.
    I loved the redirections part wich give possibility to turn website into a real membership website.
    Website loads very fast after logging-in.
    Support is very nice and helpful.

  • Tony CervantesTony

    Best Ajax Login Plugin Ever!

    I’m using this Plugin for all my sites and let me tell you that is the most complete plugin to implement a login system to your WordPress website. Thank you for all developers for support for us.

  • Török ZoliTörök

    One of the bests

    I have tried a lot plugins before this. All are robust and missing features, with expensive pro version or addons.
    This is the opposite. It is easy, simple, fast. Good support.
    Pro version price is reasonable.

  • If you build on WordPress, you NEED this plugin! + Supportive plugin author!

    I mean it, you should really consider this plugin if you’re looking to build a full-fledged user interface of your own on your WordPress website. It’s clean, lightweight and FAST!

    The plugin’s core front-end interface is well structured, minimal by design and VERY easy to extend the design of to make it fit well with the theme of your site.

    The plugin offers a wide variety of customization settings that really give you full control over the front-end experience of your users. It providers a login, registration, password reset, all the good stuff that WP struggles with on the front-end for users that aren’t admins.

    In addition to this plugin simply being a kick-ass addition to any WP website, the author of this plugin is highly responsive, quick to want to help. They spend hours of their day responding back and providing valuable insight into a problem that ended up being unrelated to the plugin itself.

    I would highly recommend this plugin, and I would highly recommend paying for the paid version – trust me, It’s absolutely worth every penny!

  • Best WP user registration solution with very good support

    The makers of Strano Web Ajax login are very eager to help you. They helped me integrate my newsletter application to let users subscribe on wp registration.

    The plugin is feature rich with nice templates, auto login after registration, flexibel redirect settings after login/registration, social login and several protections like Captcha 2/3 and 2FA in the make. It replaces e 4 plugins, in my case!
    The update of the plugin is on a very regulair base. I hope this plugin will be the WP plugin for registration with the biggest user base in a year from now. With all the good service and low price of the plugin I think it will!

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