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Menu Item

Add login item to any menu

StranoWeb Ajax Login adds the login menu item to the main menu by default, but you can add it to any other menu. Once installed you should see something like this (if you don’t see it don’t worry, just go to before you start and read the instructions to fix it).


StranoWeb Ajax Login WordPress Plugin logged in

Or, if you are not logged in, something like this:

StranoWeb Ajax Login WordPress Plugin

Assign the menu item to a navigation menu

Navigate to SW Ajax Login WordPress Plugin setting page:

  1. Click on the tab Menu , select the menu you want to add StranoWeb Ajax Login menu item (if your theme has only one menu you will see it already selected) and click on Save Changes button;
    StranoWeb Ajax Login WordPress Plugin
  2. On the next steps you can choose the menu item login text, the user thumbnail appearance (you can even disable it) and the menu item to show when the user is logged in;
    StranoWeb Ajax Login

Customize the html tags

Optionally you can add some extra classes to the default StranoWeb Ajax Login menu item and dropdown submenu html tags, sometimes is necessary to fit your theme layout.

  1. Check the add additional class to menu item to show the input fields;
    StranoWeb Ajax Login