StranoWeb Ajax Login

a WordPress plugin for Ajax Login and more...

StranoWeb Ajax Login WordPress plugin

Customizable Ajax Popups for Login, Register, Forgot Password and Logout

StranoWeb Ajax Login replaces the default WordPress login, register and lost password forms with beautiful ajax modal popups.
It’s fully customizable, responsive, GDPR compliant, includes several social logins and can restrict WordPress admin dashboard to certain user roles.
All this in one plugin.

StranoWeb Ajax Login Popups

Several different layout models

You can customize your forms as you like adding images, changing background, text and buttons color, without any code!
And if you like to get your hands dirty you can add your custom css.

Improve customer acquisition with social logins

Social Login makes it easier for visitors to your site to become customers by using their existing social media credentials to register on your site.

With Stranoweb Ajax Login, you can easily add some of the most popular social logins to login form, even on WooCommerce login form.

Stranoweb Ajax Login Social Logins
StranoWeb Ajax Login Dashboard Restriction

Restrict access to WordPress admin dashboard

On some websites you may want that only users with specific roles can access to the WordPress Admin Dashboard; with Stranoweb Ajax Login WordPress Plugin you can easily manage who can access to the dashboard.

Create a custom dropdown submenu for logged in users

With StranoWeb Ajax Login you can add your custom submenu to the user menu item, very usefull when you want to group all the user related links in one place.

StranoWeb Ajax Login Dropdown Submenu